Shut up !

Please, just shut the Frack up and wait your turn!
Does the phone have to ring every two minutes? If your call couldn’t be answered at 10:32 , WHAT the Frack makes you think that trying again at 10:34 makes sense? This is not a 911 line, for god sake. Nobody gives a shit, but I had to shout it somewhere. Thank you.

IF I could tell the voicemail system to get “pissed off” and delete all your messages after 4 tries in 10 minutes, I assure you, I would.

(Comment by “Booger”: “How about if I call at 10:37 ? THEN would you drop everything, teleport to your desk, and answer it dutifully? Because, well, I have no [Frack]ing patience, and my issue is THE most important one in the world !!”)