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Thank you, AT&T. The ‘In France’ commercial was a marvel, the detail at the end of the dog dragging his ass across the carpet was just too good. From the imagination comes the detail that somewhere off camera is some poor schmoe with a latex glove, who was [we pray] paid a bit extra to make sure the dog would reliably do exactly that once released onto the rug. (Without leaving an offensive stripe…)

Just what is going through this guy’s/gal’s mind when their handiwork proves successful? Think about that, LOL…

Do they get kudos around the water cooler, or what? “Great job, Sam!” “Great job, Sally!” Did their coworkers dodge their high-fives, for weeks?

Do I smell a CLEO award? Oh, wait a minute… Did you wash your hands ?

Just a chuckle

Stumbled across some old joke motivational poster images. This one struck me chuckling. I’m unique, too.. But yes, that does not ALWAYS make one useful. Hard truth, straight up.


I used to know someone who was just SO proud that they were a fracked up, malformed adult. This one was capable of horrible outsized anger, and under the delusion they could excuse their psych abuse because they were “unique” . Unique didn’t save them from being labeled as “damaged goods” in the community. Too damaged to associate with… beyond sad.

Random Spin: Narcissism, Not

Proof in the pudding that a certain internet dating site tries to stir things up by having computer-automated winks & email sent among their members- when you apparently email yourself four times in a day. I don’t think so! Sure, narcissism has its moments, but give me a fracking break, you fools.

Um.. and the essential information is _where_??

Five minute+ run-on message from a customer, failing to actually define the problem, with words. (Far more useless info that is unrelated..) – $0
Annoyance that it’s on the cell line you Specifically asked someone NOT to give to folks – $0
Headache from the details of what they describe in the message – $0
Fact that they failed to leave their phone number (And apparently not listed in the phonebook, AND caller ID did not nab it, AND the 3rd party did not provide it to you…) – $Priceless

Our Mission…

…is pointless, obviously. Just another place to bitch about the things that would make you exclaim “Oh, Christ! What Now?!?”. More likely to piss off the mentally unbalanced than ever before (And believe me, I have some not-too-distant experience there). If you can’t handle it, please disregard our Frackin’ bad words & go elsewhere for your bitching blog.

(Comment by “Booger”: “Hmm, mentally unbalanced, was that you or someone else that was a bit scribbly?”)  (Admin: “Someone else, frack you very much! Hitting twenty-plus “psychological abuse” nails <em>right</em> on the head, and making it complete- with a well-orchestrated, self-supporting delusion to cap it all off!”)

Shut up !

Please, just shut the Frack up and wait your turn!
Does the phone have to ring every two minutes? If your call couldn’t be answered at 10:32 , WHAT the Frack makes you think that trying again at 10:34 makes sense? This is not a 911 line, for god sake. Nobody gives a shit, but I had to shout it somewhere. Thank you.

IF I could tell the voicemail system to get “pissed off” and delete all your messages after 4 tries in 10 minutes, I assure you, I would.

(Comment by “Booger”: “How about if I call at 10:37 ? THEN would you drop everything, teleport to your desk, and answer it dutifully? Because, well, I have no [Frack]ing patience, and my issue is THE most important one in the world !!”)

Hi, Kiss It!

061808 OhChristWhatNow is finally pushing steam out the stack… Please stand by… Why the hell would we, if you’re too lazy to post something. Why do they bother with an “Under Construction” sign on sites if it’s pretty plain they’re not up to the task of adding content?

Can you tell how difficult it is to prevent even self-deprecation? We’ve got to say something if we’re gonna start posting without wasting your time.